Garlic Rolls!

Ingredients For Dough!!

  • 2 cup maida/All-purpose flour
    1 -1/2 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp yeast
    Warm milk mixed with water
    2 tbsp milk powder (any)
    1 tsp salt
    1tsp sugar3 tbsp butter melted
    2 tbsp oil
    • Filling for rolls

    I. 4 tbspn melted butter mixed with 1/2 cup of fresh chopped coriande/cilantro leaves
    II. 7-8 garlic pods, finely chopped.

    Mix I and II ingredients and your filling is ready!

      Preparation Method

    Preheat over on 180 degree.

      First Step

    Activate the yeast with warm water and 1 tsp of sugar(u can avoid this if u have instant yeast)

      Second Step

    Take maida, sieve with salt n baking powder.Use your fingers to nicely to mix maida with salt, milk powder n
    baking powder.
    Now make a soft and sticky dough with warm milk, butter and oil.

      Third Step

    Clean your workspace on which your going to work, now using your palms make the dough soft by kneading for fifteen minutes atleast.

    Once its soft, cover it with a damp cloth and keep aside for atleast one hour to rise.

      Fourth Step

    Once your dough has risen, Divide the dough into two halves as shown in step 1 in the above picture, roll it in
    rectangle shape as shown in step 2 in the picture, and fill in the butter/garlic filling prepared.

      Fifth Step

    Once you make it like a roll, cut it in 2 inch thickness, as shown in step 3.

    Once your roll are ready, brush it with egg and sprinkle some sesame seeds over it and put it for baking on 200
    degrees Centigrade for 20 mins. Make sure that there is no space between the rolls in the baking dish, else the
    will fall on the side/open up. Keep checking after 20 mins and adjust the time and temperature accordingly till
    Your fresh garlic rolls are ready. Enjoy with tomato sauce or dip of your choice!!!

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