Egg and bread pizza!

Step 1 : chopping veggies – 1 onion, 1 capsicum(red, yellow) 1 carrot you can add Baby corn,mushroom I did not have it, so I didn’t.

Step 2 : break five eggs add all the veggies, pizza seasoning, oregano/ basil or any Italian herb mix.

Then add one cup of grated cheddar and mozeralla cheese, salt, pepper

Step 3: bake or cook on stovetop – you can bake it for 20 minutes at 180 degrees, but I cooked on stovetop.

Take a round nonstick pan arrange four brown bread slices(pan was small, so square shape bread slices were bent at the edges, giving it a round shape with firm edges 😜 😊) and pour the egg mixture, cover with very tight lid, and the flame has to be vv low. For me I didn’t notice the bread base had turn till hard. So you gals avoid this mistake. But next time I will definitely make it in oven and I recommend the same.
Step 4: cut into slices and serve with tomoto ketchup 😋 😋 definitely hit with kids

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